Prominent Civil Rights Attorney Primed for Circuit Court Judge Race

Prominent Civil Rights Attorney Deidre Baumann has organized an outstanding campaign team and platform in her quest to become the Judge of the 7th Judicial Subcircuit of Cook County.

Baumann, who was the lead attorney on the Burr Oak Cemetery litigation case, is running for an open judicial vacancy in the March 19th, Democratic Primary Election.

Attorney Baumann has been the most formable advocate of individuals who have been victimized by racial injustice and numerous other forms of discrimination. She has received endorsements from a multitude of community and civil rights activists, clergy, and advocacy group leaders throughout Illinois.

“Attorney Baumann has a keen sense of the magnitude of discrimination that has plagued so many diverse groups of people living in the most unfortunate circumstances. Her compassion for the less fortunate and downtrodden has awakened the masses of leaders throughout Chicago and Cook County. Without hesitation and with tremendous enthusiasm that I fully support her candidacy for Circuit Court Judge,” says Bishop Larry D. Trotter.

Attorney Baumann has practiced law for over three decades. She possesses a massive amount of litigation experience. She is not limited to trial work but Appellate duties as well. She writes amicus briefs for the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and has argued before the Illinois Supreme Court. She is enormously knowledgeable about the courts and has been found to be highly qualified by her peers in the race to become a Circuit Court Judge.

“I am ready to take the next step. I have represented people who have been wronged, and I have always tried to make a positive impact on the world. I want to use that experience to take it to the next level. In Judaism, we say. “You repair the world one case, or one action, at a time, and that is how I view my work,” says Attorney Baumann.

Baumann adds, “I was the first attorney to seek injunctive relief in the Burr Oak Cemetery case in the summer of 2010. I asked that a receiver be appointed to stabilize the situation and preserve the evidence. The case went on for years and ended up in bankruptcy court. It was a very tumultuous time, and it was heartbreaking for people. There were over 1,000 clients in the class-action suit. I helped develop the plan for the eventual settlement, even though a lot of other lawyers had given up on the case. We got $13.1 million and money to preserve and restore the historic cemetery.”

Ms. Baumann graduated from the University of Illinois, College of Law, in 1992, receiving the Rickert Award for Excellence in Public Service that year. Immediately after sitting for the Bar Examination, she began working as an intern at the Office of the Cook County Public Defender, where she assisted with felony jury trials.

After leaving the Office of the Cook County Public Defender, she began working at a small boutique firm specializing in First Amendment law, where she represented persons restrained from engaging in constitutionally protected speech. In 1996, Ms. Baumann opened her own law office, where she continued to litigate issues of constitutional import.

Deidre Baumann has been an active member of the Bar. She currently chairs the Federal Civil Practice Committee of the Illinois State Bar, serves as secretary for the Board of Directors for the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago and serves on the Board of the Decalogue Foundation.

She has served as president of both the Decalogue Society of Lawyers and the North Suburban Bar Association, has served on the Executive Boards for the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois and the Chicago Bar Association, Alliance for Women, and chaired, for many years, the Suburban Bar Coalition. She has additionally served on the Public Affairs and Interfaith Committees of the Chicago Bar Association. She is the incoming president of the Lawyers Club of Chicago.

In Nov. 2023, Attorney Baumann submitted thousands of nominating petitions to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Her name has been officially placed on the ballot for the March 19 Democratic Primary Election. Her punch number is 161.

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