Porsha Williams fights Cynthia bailey on ‘RHOA’; guess who won?

porsha cynthia

Porsha is brawling again.
The part-time “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was just in a fight with former friend Cynthia Bailey, the media has reported.
Williams, Bailey and the rest of the cast was on a boat when, for some reason that escapes us, the two got into a shouting match. According to tmz.com, the women were arguing when Williams began hurling the b-word at Bailey.
Bailey, who is not known as a hot-headed firecracker, was said to try to separate herself from the developing madness by walking to the other side of the board. Williams, however, was already in fifth gear temper-wise and followed Bailey to the other side. And that’s when keeping it real went wrong.
According to the publication, Williams apparently got all up in Cynthia’s space, and that’s when Bailey reportedly channeled her inner Bruce Lee on Williams, kicking Porsha in the stomach.
That’s when producers reportedly stepped in and restrained Williams before she could yank Bailey’s weave and drag her the way she famously did with Kenya Moore during their reunion show a few years back.
There were no serious injuries, but Williams was transported to the hospital and given some meds for her pain, TMZ reported.

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