Planning On Sitting Out This Election? Consider this

In last night’s debate, Donald Trump’s policy on immigration in part calls for “building a wall” and deporting millions of illegal immigrants back to their homelands. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s response was doing so would mean a large expansion of police powers to enforce such a policy.
Considering Trump received the endorsement of the National Fraternal Order of Police it appears as though if Trump were to win this would be a huge bonus to the law enforcement community to have a massive police force rounding up millions of illegal immigrants to deport them back home, among other things.
Currently being considered by Congress is a national Blue Lives Matters bill that would aim to add, in part, law enforcement as a protective class regarding hate crimes. If passed, protesters that take to the streets and exercise their 1st Amendment rights about officer-involved shootings could possibly be charged with a hate crime if they engage with the police.

Raul Delatoba arrested under Louisiana Blue Lives Matter law

Such is the case in Louisiana that passed the country’s first state law adding law enforcement as a protective class to the state’s hate crime laws. New Orleanian, Raul Delatoba was the first citizen to be arrested under the new law this past September.┬áThe Defender reported on this disturbing trend earlier this month with a similar ordinance being considered by City Council, here in Chicago. Click on the link below for the full story.
Now just imagine if you will, a scenario where Trump is president, police departments are expanded to carry out his new immigration policies, the Blue Lives Matters bill becomes law and conservative judges are appointed to the Supreme Court. Not a pretty picture.

With so much on the line: Are you still considering sitting out this election?

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