Pinterest Partners with Chicago Artist to Promote Mental Health

With the help from Pinterest, real-life Pins, immersive art, and community programming, “Havens: Invest in Rest” is a site-specific installation by Chicago-based artist Dwight White. Dedicated to bringing the anti-burnout oasis to life, “Havens: Invest in Rest” is an online and offline destination exploring the relationship between mental health and rest. On Sunday, October 10th, the world recognized World Mental Health Day with a variety of activities. In Chicago Southside Bronzeville neighborhood, the Boxville community came together with a two-day immersive experience highlighting the importance of rest, relaxation, and emotional well-being. In honor of World Mental Health Day, Pinterest shared some of the latest ways people turn to the social media platform for news on community giving and the launching of “Havens”, a space for community-driven inspiration.

Pinterest Mental Health Chicago Defender

According to the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, African Americans are 20 percent more likely to have serious psychological issues than Whites. In the African American population, depression is more disabling, persistent, and resistant to treatment than those experienced by Whites. Black men are four times more likely to die by suicide than Black women. Less than half of all Americans with a mental disorder get the treatment that they need. However, the number of blacks that receive mental health treatment is only half of that as whites.

local Chicago artist Dwight White was commissioned to curate Pinterest’s first installation titled “Havens: Invest in Rest”. Dwight White encourages people to take a breath and consider intentionally nourishing their well-being. The mural is located just off the 51st street stop on the Green Line. Dwight White says he wanted to bring his idea to use art to inspire in a public space, which could also inspire people to rest. “When I think about mental health, the mural is inspired by the community and reflections of personal mental health and ways to heal.” This experience intentionally inspires people to pause, reflecting on ways to consider resting as a part of their emotional well-being.

To support the Haven’s start in Chicago, Pinterest donated $80,000 to three local, community-led organizations, Boundless Early Education, the Urban Juncture Foundation and Coffee, Hip Hop & Mental Health from the Company’s donor-advised Pinterest charitable fund program.

Pinterest Mental Health Chicago DefenderHead of Social Impact and Philanthropy at Pinterest, Ari Simon, says the goal was to support national issues around mental health. “There is a particular set of realties when you think of mental health. Specific pressures like place and community matters. It made sense to pair with hyper conceptual Chicago and community-based organizations that are also thinking about place, mental health, and community. Boxville made sense.” Pinterest reinforced support with space, art, and grants to make it a more meaningful and an appropriate way of engaging in the community. “When art is tied to place, a relative place, it helps express a thing that no amount of press releases can do, and that’s what the mural brings.” We’re creating space, a safe place on our platform, and in the world for reflection on how mental health can impact us all globally.

Contributing Writer Shera Strange is a writer and fitness professional. Find her on social media @StrangeFitness (FB) and Shera Strange (Linkedin)

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