Peter Thomas Slams ‘Hip Hollywood’ Blog for Saying He was Arrested

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas takes a bat to the sensibilities of for reporting that he was arrested in connection with the Apollo Nida federal corruption case.

Nida was convicted and sentenced to eight years in federal prison for trying to defraud the U.S. Department of the Treasury. But Hip Hollywood stated that Nida became a government snitch in order to get that “light” sentence (he could have gotten in access of 20 years) and gave up Thomas and his so-called connections to Nida’s illicit activities.

Hip Hollywood’s article claimed that it would all be shown on the upcoming season of RHOA but the barONE owner has since blasted the report.

Thomas put the blog on full furnace blast when he said, “Hip Hop Hollywood has the worst f—king sources ever. According to their bulls—t ass reporting, I was arrested in Atlanta today in connection with some Apollo s—t.

That’s some laughable as hell since I’ve been in Charlotte all day and at the Hornets game tonight,” he continued going in on Hip Hollywood. “I hope y’all didn’t pay your source for that bulls—t. Trick or treat muthaf—kers! LOL! #whoisyoursource #whereisthemugshot #whereisthearrestreport #getthef—kouttaherewiththatbulls—t.”

To prove that he was not in handcuffs, Thomas posted a selfie showing him lounging in a hotel bed in Charlotte and watching TV.

“I’m not locked up,” said Peter. “I’m sorry to disappoint some of y’all, but I’m good.”

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