Pat Lynch, You Will Not Wage 'War' on Our Communities!

Memorial for New York police officers shot dead
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The horrific murder of two New York City police officers and the attempted murder an innocent woman over the weekend has challenged our collective humanity. There are not enough prayers and condolences we can send to the family of the fallen and the injured, so the best we can do is keep putting them in our thoughts and prayers for as long as they need us. While many are hurt, including me, by the terrible actions this weekend, we must not make the mistake of dismissing those who have been hurting for a long time. There is no pause button on grief. There is no pause button on sorrow. There is no pause button on repairing one’s soul. This isn’t about politics or protests. This is about compassion and respecting everyone’s individual healing process, including those of the families of Officer Liu and Officer Ramos.
Sadly, it has become apparent that there are some so-called leaders who are abusing this moment to further grab power within their base. Clearly, one of them is the president of the police union, Pat Lynch. As I have listened to the rhetoric and vicious divisive comments made by this man over the past few weeks, I have done everything to hold back. But, after this weekend, I have no choice to address him directly. Pat, there is no “war” that will be waged upon our communities by your, I mean OUR officers, there is no blood on anyone’s hands except those of the killer, and there is no demonizing hundreds of thousands of people who have peacefully exercised their first amendment right marching in the streets for an end to violence. It is disappointing to witness how disrespectful Pat Lynch has been to Mayor de Blasio for trying to reform a department in much need of transformation, yet he was SILENT when the leader of his police department was far more direct in his criticism.
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