Pass the Syrup: Chicago Top 5 Black Brunch Spots

Top 5 Places to Black owned Brunch Spots
Having brunch is more than celebrating a buffet-style meal with non-stop pancakes, eggs and potatoes—it’s about great variety, a refreshing environment and a creative menu. It’s the thing to celebrate between breakfast and dinner, catching up friends and hopefully enjoying some mimosas. Expect a reasonable wait at some of these restaurants because the wait is worth the food on the plate. As we wrap Chicago Black Restaurant Week, we are proud to recognize many of the city’s great dining institutions as well as new businesses carving out a place at the table among cultural cuisines.
Doing brunch is not new to the scene, in fact, it’s a ‘art’ for those who make it a point to check out new menus, catch up with friends and just enjoy the scene. Although, there are plenty of cool and hip restaurants that feature a great brunch experience, we would like to recognize some Chicago Black-owned establishments that are frequent the most. Our list is based on community employment, awesome food, good service, quality ingredients and a rich cultural environment.

Batter & Berries
2748 N. Lincoln Ave. | Chicago, IL 60614
Closes at 3pm
Flavor Brunch & Bar
17575 Kedzie Ave. | Hazel Crest, IL 60429
Closes 8:30pm (Mon-Thurs), 10pm Fri & Sat.  and 5pm Sun.
4652 S. King Drive | Chicago, IL 60653
Closes at 3pm
Chicken & Waffles
3947 S. King Drive  | Chicago, IL 60653
543 Madison St. |  Oak Park, IL
Close at 9pm (Sun-Thurs) 11pm (Fri & Sat)
Pearl’s Place
3901 S. Michigan Ave. | Chicago, IL 60653
Close at 8pm
Do you have a favorite Black-owned establishment not listed? We are interested in other gems, so give us your feedback on the comment section or our Defender facebook page.
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