Parents: Connect to resources for your children

Parent PowerChicago hosts Annual School Fair November 2014
Parent PowerChicago hosts Annual School Fair November 2014

Parents: Connect to Resources for Your Children

ParentPowerChicago can help!

ParentPowerChicago, Inc., was formed in 2013 as a free service to help encourage and support parents to get more involved in their children’s education. The mission of ParentPowerChicago is to help connect parents in Chicago to organizations and resources that will help their children succeed in school and in life. The primary goal of our work is to build a community of support around parents that will make engagement more fun and less time consuming, while filling in many of the gaps that hinder parents by connecting them to resources, information and relationships.
“ParentPowerChicago” is the only organization that is entirely focused on helping the parents. “All the research shows that when parents step up, that their children succeed”, noted Richard Sanderson, co-founder and managing director of ParentPower. “By forming an organization for and by parents we hope to truly empower parents, reduce barriers that they may have, real or perceived, and make it easy for them to connect and find help for their children, ” Mr. Sanderson added.
ParentPowerChicago has been organized around these areas:
. Resource Hub
. Parent Network
. Major, citywide events
. Monthly emPOWERment parent meetings
. Partnerships with many Chicago organizations
. Communications
Through the hub, parents can access over 400 organizations and resources: tutoring, homework help, on-line teaching, mentoring, music and arts, sports, early childhood, parenting and more. Parents can call or visit the website to connect to any of them, and easily find programs for their children. Or, they can connect with a representative of ParentPower who will help them navigate and find the appropriate resource.
The parent network is a growing group of parents, led by parent leaders, share ideas and issues, attend events, and reinforce their commitment to their children
Each year ParentPower conducts two major citywide events: the Chicago School Fair, and the Summer Program Fair. They are free. This year’s 2nd annual Chicago School Fair will be held at Navy Pier, November 14th and 15th. Last year’s fair drew over 19,000 parents and children.
Each month ParentPower conducts ’emPOWERment’ summits, where parents can attend seminars around topics of interest.
ParentPower is building strong partnerships with citywide organizations, including the Chicago Public Libraries and the Chicago Park District, where parents can access information, programs, and other forms of support
Lastly, ParentPowerChicago is able to reach parents through advertising, direct mail and social media so that they are informed of the wide range of help they can find throughout Chicago.
Membership in ParentPowerChicago is free. Parents can contact Parent Power by call int 773 907-2777, or visit
“Our mission is captured by the phrase, “Parents Taking the Lead, Helping Children Succeed,” Mr. Sanderson added. “We know parents can do it, and we can help !”

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