Parenting Points: Redirecting Your Child’s Attention

Okay, so who doesn’t get a little distracted? From time to time, everyone does. Our children are no exception to the rule. They are very easily distracted, so instead of getting frustrated and flying off the handle, be prepared for when it happens.

Gently redirect your child(ren) to what they are expected to do or where they should be. Remind them of the goal or mission and agree on a set time for its completion. Whether it is homework or watering the lawn, this directive will reset their focus, give them a clear and attainable target and make them accountable to get it done.

Remember, the keyword is “gently” redirect. You are meant to build them up. Therefore, speak in warm tones with age-appropriate words and remember to smile. A loud or harsh response doesn’t always yield an immediate turnaround of obedience from your child(ren). Acting and reacting with patience and love will create win-win situations.

We want our children to know the successful feeling of staying on task; a sense of accomplishment is a huge booster of self-esteem and we should help them achieve this.

So, stay calm. We must be with them when they go astray and we must be there to help them get back on track!

Marnita Coleman is an author and host of The Marnita Show, a parenting show heard daily across the globe. For more information, log onto


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