Owner Of Store Where Alton Sterling Was Killed Sues Police

Abdullah Muflahi, owner of the store where Alton Sterling was shot and killed, is suing the Baton Rouge Police Department.
The suit filed Monday alleges that police illegally took him into custody and confiscated his security system without a warrant after he taped two officers shooting Sterling last week, reports The Daily Mail.
The suit also says Mulfahi was kept in the back of a police vehicle for four hours, and then detained at the state’s police headquarters for another two hours for questioning.
The fatal police-involved shooting was also recorded on the shop’s surveillance camera, which was illegally seized by police said Muflahi, according to the Mail.
The website also noted that a search warrant for surveillance video from the store said that, during the arrest, officers saw ‘the butt of a gun’ in Sterling’s pocket and that he tried ‘to reach for the gun from his pocket.’
Sterling was killed last week outside of Muflahi’s convenience store after being pinned to the ground by two police officers. The officers allegedly so they took force with Sterling because he allegedly reached for a gun.

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