Organization to Hold Community 'Apology' March for Violence

Members from the Felony Free Society march on May 21 to create awareness about Chicago’s gun violence.

Using body bags to demonstrate the rising number of deaths in Chicago was one organization’s way to draw attention to the city’s gun violence. If that wasn’t creative enough, now the same group will march again, this time wearing hazmat suits to represent the “quarantining of warring communities.”
Like the walk last month, this one will also bring awareness to the city’s violent deaths, but members are taking a slightly different approach. On Thursday, July 10, from 11 am to 1 pm, the Felony Free Society is hosting a “Community to Community Apology March.” The organization a non-profit with the goal of preventing youth and adults from getting felonies.
“We have decided to include the communities in apologizing to their rival community,” said Markita Mitchell, a spokesperson in an email. “We understand that the people that walk with us may not have had a hand in the violence within their community, but it shows the rivaling community that there is a united stance that demands the violence to stop.”
Members are asking others to join them in honoring the lost lives on both sides to help start a “healing process.” The walk will symbolize sympathy towards the victims’ loved ones.
“Every life that is lost to violence is a  tremendous loss to everyone on both sides,” the organization said in news release. “We realize that you may not have had a personal hand in the violence but your voice matters.”
The walk will start on 63rd and Eberhart. They will march from 62nd and King Dr. to 65th and King Dr. Next, the protesters will make their way along 62nd and Rhodes to 65th Eberhart, ending on 63rd and Vernon. The Felony Free Society would like participants to wear white shirts.

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