Op-Ed: Chicago Voter Guide, Key battles in Illinois

Happy Election Day, Chicago! Today, voters across the country and here in Illinois will head to the polls to cast their votes for the candidates that they believe in. The upcoming elections will have an undoubtable impact on our lives well after the Election Day.

On the federal level, this election will have historic ramifications. As the Supreme Court recently rolled back a woman’s right to choose, President Biden has promised to codify abortion rights – but that’s contingent upon him having a Democratic house and senate, without both chambers he will have a difficult battle ahead. I recently wrote about “Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness and what it means for Black Students,” which detailed this Administrations plan to forgive up to $20,000 in student loan debt for eligible Americans. Now, that idea is threatened in the courts by six Republican-led states that argues that the president does not have the authority to forgive student debt through the stroke of his pen. The six states — Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina — claimed a lack of congressional authorization for the administration’s action.

Key battles in Illinois?

  • Governor JB Pritzker is seeking for re-election with Darren Bailey running to represent the IL GOP. Darren Bailey manages a school system that teaches its students racially provocative theories which includes elements like “God regulated but did not forbid slavery,” or that “The majority of slave holders treated their slaves well.”
  • Attorney General Kwame Raoul is seeking re-election against Republican nominee Thomas DeVore. DeVore leapt onto the political stage while launching lawsuits against Gov. Pritzker for his COVID-19 strategy.
  • Longtime Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is retiring and Alexi Giannoulias is running to replace him.
  • Congresswoman Lauren Underwood is running for re-election in IL-14. She is a Democrat and the first Black woman to represent this District, which has generally been a Republican district.
  • Amendment 1 also referred to as the Workers’ Right Amendment, is a ballot measure that will establish a constitutional right for members of the Illinois workforce to organize and bargain collectively via union representatives. The bill was sponsored by State Representative Marcus Evans (D-33) who believes that “this collective bargaining rights bill will provide an extra layer of protection for Illinois workers.” Amendment 1 will help protect workers and provide them with the guaranteed legal right to organize.


Where is my polling location?

Please visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website to find your polling location, keeping in mind that your polling location could have been updated due to census redistricting: CLICK HERE!


Which judge should I vote for?

There are over 61 judges running for reelection in Cook County and Injustice Watch has a great interactive tool to help you determine which judges to vote for: CLICK HERE!


Need a ride to the polls?

Rideshare company Lyft is offering discounted rides to the polls is you type the code VOTE22 into the promotions section of the rideshare application.


Election Safety

Given our current political climate, local and state officials have increased the level of security at our polling places. If you witness or face issues voting, you can contact the Illinois Board of Elections at 312-814-6440.

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