#OnTheHolidays – Five Tips On How To REALLY Shop For The Holidays

We tend to think that gifts for others are an obligation to that person. Some even go as far as to only buy for those who buy for them. It’s a lightweight tragedy for some when it comes to spending for the holidays. But here are a few tips on how to REALLY shop for the holidays:

  1. Keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank. I don’t care who it is; remember that once you’ve done all that spending, YOU are the one who has to pay those credit card bills, transfer that money from payday back into your savings, etc. Small tokens have always been appropriate, and the thought is truly the gift.
  2. What is the budget set for OVERALL spending? Have you set a TOTAL budget that you are comfortable spending for each person that you plan to buy for? Is there a set spending limit per person? Have you gotten yourself into too many “grab bag” situations? Making a list and checking it MORE than twice is necessary. Budget – Budget – BUDGET!
  3. Business Owners: if you are looking to purchase for clients, think about discounting a service for a month. A deal is ALSO a gift! Offer select services to your clients (or potential new clients) at a discounted rate! Anyone can appreciate holiday specials!
  4. Plan a trip to a local shelter to feed the homeless during the holidays. Getting a group of your friends together to spend “time” giving is ALSO a gift. Get your girls/guys small tokens on the day of (i.e. buy coffee, provide a small, continental breakfast, etc).
  5. If this is the year that you are unable to afford gift giving, then this is the year that you are unable to afford gift giving. Sometimes, taking a year off to regroup and/or save for other big ticket items (i.e. buying a home, paying off a car, building savings) is what takes priority over shopping. You don’t have to explain your reasons; your decision is ultimately your decision. Those who understand won’t be offended; those who get offended just don’t understand.

The holidays are a time for family, love, togetherness, preparations for a new year, and so much more. The holidays are also a time when people tend to go overboard. Always apply focus on what really matters, and everything else surrounding your decisions typically falls into place on its own!
Happy Holidays!
Love, Elle

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