One Eleven Food Hall in Officially Open in the Pullman Historic District

One Eleven Food Hall, located at 756 E. 111thSt. had its official Grand Opening last week. Located in the Pullman Historic District, One Eleven offers a diverse and unique dining experience.

Alderman Anthony A. Beale opened the ceremony as he stated how he is excited that the community that he grew up in is getting back on track in Chicago.

“Chicago let me say this has been a long road coming. Because when we look at development in our community, when you look at how far we have come to have a food Hall in an area which was considered a food desert a few years ago; and then you look around, and you see that we have a Walmart that is one of the best Walmart’s in the city of Chicago. We have Planet Fitness, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and we have an African American cleaners next door. So, we are doing things on the south side.”

One Eleven is a shared space featuring foods from south side businesses. Tiffany Mone’t Williams, known as Chef Mama and Executive Chef of “Exquisite To Go,” provided samples of her “Dopest Mac and Cheese.” Owner and head baker of Laine’s Bake Shop, Rachel Bernier-Green, stated how she would continue to grow the brand that will also offer employment.  “We started a production facility back in 2016 in Morgan, and that’s where we made everything. We had retail there, but it didn’t last long because we ran out of space so we are planning a new production facility in the Woodlawn neighborhood that will be three times the size so that we can continue to expand. We also completed a pop up in the Chatham neighborhood, and we will be looking at that location as the next full-service shop and bakery café.”

Ben Emmanuel and his wife Tsadakeeyah, the creators of Majani Soulful Vegan Cuisine, showcased their claim to fame, barbeque cauliflower. They both are ready for the opportunities and glad to meet the people who are going to visit locally and from other countries that will get a chance to experience this Southside cuisine. Ben stated, “This is an amazing opportunity for us, I think being a part of this community where we had the Pullman porters and all that it represents not just from the history of it but we’re excited about what is coming in front of us.”

The organization supporting One Eleven Food Hall in Pullman is The Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives. There are plans to bring in additional jobs and opportunities as they’re breaking ground for a 400,000 square feet building.

The Pullman district began in 1879 when George M. Pullman, the inventor of the Pullman sleeping car, purchased 4,000 acres of land south of Chicago to build a model community and factories to manufacture the sleeping car. After the Civil War, he hired African American on the railroads as porters on sleeping cars.

One Eleven is open seven days a week and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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