Off-duty Cop Kills Black Man Following Online Black Lives Matter Argument

ST. LOUIS, Mo.– An off-duty police officer shot and killed a young black man after he broke into his home Saturday evening, following an argument over Black Lives Matter.
Police said that Tyler Gebhard,20, smashed a “concrete planter” through the officer’s home window after the cop’s wife wouldn’t let him in, reports The New York Daily News.
Gebhard’s uncle, Patrick Brogan, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the officer and his nephew knew each other and had recently had an argument about the growing unrest over police violence and Black lives Matter.
Gebhard’s family said the 20-year-old suffered from bi-polar disorder and skipped medication, which worsened his condition.
“He had a lot of mental problems the last few months,” Brogan told reporters. “A lot of difficulties in life.”

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