Obama’s campaign not about Wright

Since Sen. Barack Obama announced his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for the U.S. presidency, the nation’s Black vote has been scrutinized, prodded, and examined in every imaginable way. Only the politically uninformed were surprised to disco

Even with a fissure in the Black community between Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton’s bid, the time has come for Black voters and our political allies to say enough of the effort to derail the Illinois senator’s presidential bid. Regardless of how deep they’ve scratched or searched, pundits and detractors have been unable to unearth any damning evidence that would embarrass Obama and cause voters to abandon him.

In the absence of any scandal-worthy items, the detractors from both parties are attempting to use Obama’s two decade pastor-congregant relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It is past time for Black voters to speak in unison to the Democratic National Committee, the major television networksûincluding their cable colleagues and Clinton’s campaign and tell them Rev. Wright’s remarks are not what this campaign is about.

Those who haven’t joined forces with Clinton should be quick to stand and tell them that as the next president, we will look to Obama to extricate the United States from Iraq, to bring jobs back from overseas, to find a palatable solution to the immigration issue. It is not Wright, but the next president that the Black community is looking to put into place policies that will aid economic development where we live and work.

No other Black person who has sought the Democratic Party’s nomination has been as close to it as Obama. That position gives us more than hope, but a belief that this American Dream does have legs for Black folk. The hope that’s been fostered by Obama’s campaign will fade unless we immediately take a strong and favorable position regarding Wright and Obama.

Wright and his teachings are to be examined and in manyûif not mostûinstances, embraced; not reduced to errant sound bites. His presence in our community is long and distinguished. We are no more enlightened than those who disparage Wright if we only sit in front of the television and sigh about how he is being misrepresented to America.

And no matter how much we’ve donated to his campaign, door-knocked for Obama, or completed any other campaign duties, it is imperative that we do more because we do need the change he promises. (AP)

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