NYC Cop Who Killed Eric Garner With Chokehold Once Slapped Black Men’s Genitals

The New York Police Department officer who killed Eric Garner with chokehold had once pulled down two black men’s pants in an illegal search and slapped their penises and testicles, the media has learned, forcing the department to pay out thousands of dollars.
Darren Collins and Tommy Rice filed a complaint against Officer Daniel Pantaleo with the Civilian Complaint Review Board, one month after the March 22, 2012 incident.
In their filing, Collins, 46, and Rice, 43, said Pantaleo also “slapped” and “tapped” their testicles in broad daylight.
The cops lied when they claimed to have witnessed a hand-to-hand drug transaction involving the men in the car, reports the New York Daily News. 
After they exited their vehicle, Pantaleo conducted an illegal search on the two men based on a lie, depriving them of their rights.
“PO Pantaleo then removed Mr. Rice’s belt, causing Mr. Rice’s pants to sag down to the middle of his thigh. Mr. Rice was wearing boxer shorts under his pants and they became visible when his pants started to sag. PO Pantaleo pulled Mr. Rice’s pants down to his knees and then pulled his boxer shorts down.”
Pantaleo then slapped Rice’s private parts, the documents allege.
“Pantaleo stated that he was attempting to shake out any contraband Mr. Rice might be hiding,” the documents say.
No drugs were found on the two men, but a third man in the car did have heroin on him.
Collins provided investigators with a similar account of the strip-search. First, Pantaleo and Sgt. Ignaczio Conca removed his belt, shoelaces, shoes and socks, then pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees.
Criminal charges against Rice and Collins were later dismissed and through their lawyer were able to settle a lawsuit for $15,000 apiece earlier this year.
Their lawyer, Jason Leventhal, said their allegations show Pantaleo has a history of illegal behavior.
“I think Pantaleo has no respect for the law and his superiors approve of his conduct.”

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