Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Thank You Denzel

Fences star Denzel Washington came to the aid of a man in distress.  The encounter took place in West Hollywood last week.  After the report on LA’s Local News, two of the incidents have since gone viral on social media.

Mr. Washington spotted the man walking in the street where many cars were driving around him.  Worried for the man’s safety, the actor pulled over and helped him to the side of the road.  Another person passing by called the authorities.  Denzel would go on to place himself in between the man and several police officers who began surrounding the man.  In watching a video of the situation, he can also be seen comforting the man by placing his hand on the man’s shoulder and standing by him throughout the interaction with the police.

In other clips posted online, Mr. Washington can be seen holding a pack of face masks as officers put the man’s hands behind his back. The officer added that Washington put extra masks in the man’s pockets and that the actor is a “very good Samaritan.”  Both Washington and the officers all wore face masks during the entire encounter.  The actor was also seen giving the man a drink and something to eat while trying to calm him down.

The unnamed man was detained while it was determined that he would not harm himself or others.  He was released shortly thereafter.   A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department declined to comment further on the incident.

The nine times nominated, and two-time Academy Award winner has not commented on this situation.  In the past, Washington has said, “I’m a human being. My job is acting.”

In these trying times, it is great to bring some good news.

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