Nigerian Woman Disowns Cat For Alleged Homosexuality

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A woman in Nigeria’s Nasarawa State is disowning her cat for reportedly practicing what she believes is homosexual behavior, the Leadership reports.
According to the woman, the cat had been practicing “an unnatural sexual behavior” for years, which she called “a contradiction of the laws of nature.”
“Bull” had a history of making advances on other male cats in the woman’s house, even though there are many female cats available.
Neighbors noted that none of the other cats born while Bull was in the house had his fur color, suggesting that he has been unable to mate with the female cats.
The woman, who strongly believes in males and females of every creature procreating, said, “Anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use of it.”
Because of its purported sexuality, however, nobody has shown interest in claiming the cat.
Following the woman’s announcement, many people gathered outside her home in the Tudun Gwandara area of Lafia to see the cat. Youths were seen poking fun at the incident as well.
Earlier this month, Nigeria signed in to law a bill that criminalizes homosexuality. The maximum punishment for violating the law is 14 years in prison. The passage mirrors similar laws passed across the conservative continent, including Uganda’s “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” (previously called the “Kill the Gays” bill), which gives life sentences to homosexuals in that nation.
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