Nicki Minaj Talks Using Smarts, Beyoncé and Sex in Her Spare Time


Nicki Minaj may have the rap skills, beauty and the crossover appeal, but don’t get twisted. She’s not stupid.

In fact, it may be safe to think of the Young Money entertainer as smart beyond her obvious assets.

In an interview with Billboard, Minaj disputes the notion that she doesn’t do anything except look good. For her, it’s more about separating herself from the competition with the other B:  her brain.

“People don’t know how heavily involved I am in my own career,” Minaj told Bilboard. “I’m on 15 to 25 conference calls every few days strategizing with my team. I think a lot of artists sit back and have it done for them. Sometimes as women in the industry — if you’re sexy or like doing sexy things — some people subconsciously negate your brain. They think you’re stupid.”

“My mother always had this attitude that she didn’t take no for an answer,” she added. “So I guess that carried on to me.”

Minaj’s can-do attitude has carried her far over the years, with frequent appearances on the charts as well as her success in business (three perfumes, a line of housewares, clothing and moscato beverage) and her appearances on the small screen. Her one season appearance on “American Idol” as a judge alongside Mariah Carey was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, Minaj has no regrets about her stint on the popular singing competition.

“Once I did Idol, a lot of people would come up to me and say, ‘Oh, you’re smarter than I thought,’ ” she said. “What does that mean? Was I making weird faces [that made you think] I was stupid?”

“Thank God I did that show, Minaj continued “At least I was able to show my true self, speak and have a mind.”

While she’s worked hard for the success, that leaves little time for her. When asked about what she would most want to do with any downtime, Minaj sums it up in two words: “Have sex.”

One powerful person on Minaj’s list that she draws inspiration from is Beyoncé, who recruited her for the remix to “Flawless.”

“There’s something about her work ethic that always made me feel like no matter how hard stuff gets, I’m not allowed to complain,” the rapper said about Bey’s

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