New Equestrian University Groundbreaking in Lynwood

Jada D. Curry, Mayor of the Village of Lynwood was joined by over 500 Village Officials, FCC Church members, regional elected officials, and Lynwood residents in welcoming the groundbreaking ceremony of the future FCC Equestrian University to the Village of Lynwood.

Family Christian Center Pastor Steve Munsey and over 500 church members led a large group of four-legged animals to the site that has been fully purchased by the church. Lynwood residents will join Mayor Curry in welcoming the large contingent to their new property.

Recently Mayor Curry announced the development of a new facility. Family Christian Center Church of neighboring Munster, Indiana will be constructing a new Equestrian University. As many people know, Family Christian Center is widely known for its dynamic dramatic shows that often display exotic animals during special church services. After having housed many of their four-legged creatures at a farm in the south suburbs, they have decided to expand its reach by building a facility that will serve multiple purposes.

In addition to housing church-owned animals, most importantly it will serve as a facility where future veterinarians will learn about providing medical services to horses.

Mayor Curry shared “I am personally excited about the emotional support services they will offer for children on the autism spectrum and veterans suffering from PTSD.”

The largest portion of this land will be converted into a showcase arena for national as well as international horse competitions. This venue will draw people from all over the world to the

Village of Lynwood and will add to Mayor Curry’s vision for turning Lynwood into a destination town.

“I am thrilled to welcome Pastor Steve Munsey and the Family Christian Center Church as they embark on a new journey that will expand the equestrian footprint in the southland as well as provide meaningful services. Family Christian Center has been a part of our Lynwood family for over a decade because a sizable portion of their members reside in our village. I am overjoyed to have them here in our community and cannot wait to see how this state-of-the-art facility becomes the go to place for equestrian events,” says Mayor Jada D. Curry.


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