New Book Series For Children of Color

New Book Series For Children of Color


Dr. Shawn Council, a Connecticut-based attorney and professor, encourages character building and social resilience in her new Bookee & La La children’s book series. Through her publishing company, Council Publishing, she has released several new books that were particularly written for children of color.

Some of the titles include: Bookee & La La: Life Lessons, Bookee & La La Say No to The Pressure to be Stupid, Bookee & La La Learn to Manage Money and Bookee & La La Love the Lord. Spanish only and Spanish and English versions of the series will be available purchase and download in a few weeks.

Bookee & La La, little urban heroes, are current, fresh and visually engaging characters who ultimately triumph when confronted with many of life’s daily challenges.

The Bookee & La La series is designed as a teaching tool for parents and educators. Many children of color do not have books with characters that look like themselves. While, purple dinosaurs are cute, they do not look like the reader. However, Bookee & La La do. The books are available at and and in paperback, secure pdf, Kindle and Ebook versions.

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