NBA Players Who Make More Money Than Entire WNBA League Combined

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The salary disparity between the players in  the NBA and sister league WNBA is vast. But most people probably can’t fathom just how large that gap really is.
The average salary of a WNBA player is estimated to be around $72,000, according to the Examiner’s examination of the 2013 salaries. Total this up and the estimated total league-wide wages $10,368,000.
To crystalize the salary disparity, there are 52 NBA players who, alone, make more than the entire WNBA league combined.
One note of reference: the WNBA, unlike the NBA, never discloses the details of a player’s contract. The WNBA consists of 12 teams with 12-player rosters and a minimum salary of $37,950. The maximum (for players who have played at least six seasons) is $107,000. Of course, most WNBA players play overseas during the offseason where they make considerably more than they do here in the States. Also, the elite players earn additional revenue from endorsements and other public appearances.
Check out the players who make more than the entire league of the WNBA. And in some cases, these players much, much more than the combined salaries of the league.

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