Must See! Ice Cube’s Animated Movie ‘Book Of Life’ (Watch)

This Friday hear one of rap’s most legendary rappers in “Book of life.”
Ice Cube lends his voice to the fantasy  animated adventure film about the Mexican celebration, Day of the Dead.
EUR was on the scene at the Los Angeles premiere to chat with the icon and cast.
EUR: What would the book about your life be titled, and why?
Ice Cube: The book of my life is ‘A Dream Come True.’ A lot of my dreams have come true and a lot of things that I didn’t expect to be doing, I’m doing. And I can’t complain, in no way, shape or form.
Zoe Saldana: ‘I Am Here!’ I don’t know. I’m still trying to live my life, so I wouldn’t know what to make of my life.
Ice Cubes Animated Movie Book Of Life
EUR: What is the “Book of life” about?
Ice Cube: It’s a great story about the day of the dead. It was super interesting to be able to explain this great way to celebrate your ancestors. The colors all that, I just knew it was going to be a great movie.
Zoe Saldana: I play Maria. Maria is a beautiful little women who believes in her friends and is a true enabler of virtue. She is also very opinioned and free. When she believes in something, she fights to the fullest. I feel like Jorge Gutierrez (director) and his wife (Sandra Equihua) have created a very accurate everyday woman with Maria.
book of lifeDiego Luna: It talks about the importance of celebrating diversity. There’s a richness in being different and I think young kids can’t lose the curiosity, to find out how things are done somewhere else.
Guillermo del Toro (Executive Producer): We wanted to do something completely different. Most of the animated movies end up being the same…little animals skate boarding and doing one liners. We wanted to make a movie that was unique to our culture but also universal to the world. It dares to show you that you need to love and loose, and gain, and fight, and cry, and to live.
book of life
EUR: Why is it important to write your own life story?
Ice Cube: You have to have the courage to fight for what you want. A lot of people have a lot of expectations for you and you have to have your own dreams.

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