Multicultural Coke Super Bowl Ad Sparks Criticism From Bigots


Coca-Cola is learning the hard way that not everyone in this country subscribes to the adage “live and let live.” When Coke placed “It’s Beautiful” commercial during Sunday’s televised sports event, the company received a very unexpected Twitter backlash from irate and seemingly bigoted folks who were offended by the diverse range of people singing, “America the Beautiful,” in their native language.
The advertisement, which was supposed to be a touching tribute to this nation’s cultural diversity, featured a multicultural cast of folks singing, “America the Beautiful,” in English and in a host of other languages. One of the scenes in the spot even featured a set of gay parents — the first to date shown in a Super Bowl ad.
The celebration of differences, however, turned into a Twitter nightmare as folks who felt insulted by the ad had a field day lambasting the soft drink company with ignorant/racist remarks, questioning their motives and wondering how they could even fathom that such a patriotic song be sung by a host of foreigners.
Here are some of the head-scratching comments:
John@ @John63_9m
#coke did the closed fist jerk off motion to anyone that had parents or grandparents that came to the US through Ellis Island.
Matt_Chalfant @Matt_Chalfant 12h
Damnit Coca Cola, I was born in America, and I live in America…so sing America the Beautiful in our language you dirtbags!
@ItsShelbyGould and there were about 2 Americans in the commercial? #Coke MT they were all Americans you meant only two WHITE people
Stephanie Weaver @stphniwvr
Well… I won’t be drinking #coke anymore. We speak English in the #USA. Get over it.
Kat Merrick @MerrickKat
Apparently this is a thing? A super racist thing RT @DRichardson94 : Some terrorist were singing our song in that coke commercial #Superbowl
Watch the controversial commercial here.

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