Mother and Daughter Host The Grand Opening of Roots + Fire Water Co. in Homewood, IL

Health professional owners Denice Rhodes and Amanda Battles hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their unique plant shop “Roots + Fire Water Co.”

Located in Homewood, IL, Rhodes, and Battles’ goal is to create healthy homes with herbal healing, serene aromatherapy, fresh air, and unique plant scaping in homes and businesses. The Mayor of Homewood, Rich Hofeld, family, and friends were in attendance to witness the women-owned business that is more than just your average plant store.

Rhodes and Battles own land in Mississippi that has been passed on for generations. The mother and daughter duo wanted to create a business that would act as a distributor for the things they grow through their family to keep the tradition going on for generations.

Roots + Fire Water Co. provide customers tools to create a place of a healthy retreat, energy in their home and provides products such as fire water teas, self-care essentials, herbal remedies, and modern home goods. “We wanted to create a shop that cleans you from the inside out and products to help detox and allow your body to be healthy. Plants purify the air,” says Battles.

Battles, a community herbalist, says that coming out of a pandemic, many people are concerned about the air they breathe, overall wellness, and being healthy. Battles say to care for plants, it’s important to look at the plants as humans. With verbal and vibration communication, it allows the plants to grow. “I know many people don’t look at it that way. Just like you talk and give love to your family members, you should do the same thing with plants,” says Battles.

Denice Rhodes, a licensed health coach, says it is important to have plants in the home because many people do not open their windows to let the germs out and allow air to circulate. “Plants give oxygen to breathe, help your internal organs and live better. Your home is where you are supposed to be calm, relaxed, energized, and renew yourself. Oxygen from the plants will help calm your nervous system and help you feel much better,” says Rhodes.

Working together as mother-daughter and businesswomen can be challenging at times. Rhodes and Battles are glad that they are in business together, where they can bounce ideas with each other and follow their dreams together. They differentiate their roles when there are working with each other. “When you go into business with someone, everybody brings something different to the table. During this process, I’ve learned what my strengths are, and my daughter knows what her strengths are. For the most part, I love that my daughter and I can work together,” says Rhodes.

Rhodes and Battles host a variety of plant-centered workshops and wellness pop-ups. They hope to work with other farming organizations to attract and encourage future entrepreneurs of color to start a business in urban farming, agriculture, herbalism, and botany.

Roots + Fire Water Co. is located at 1941 S. Ridge Road, Homewood, IL. For up-to-date events and the latest tropical plants, follow Roots + Fire Water Co. on Facebook and Instagram at @rootsandfirewater.


Tammy Gibson is an author, re-enactor, and black history traveler. Find her on social media @sankofatravelher.


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