Most Americans Are ‘Worn Out’ By Pandemic-Related Changes, Poll Finds

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If you’ve been feeling tired or even angry over the daily pandemic-related changes we’ve all had to make, you aren’t alone.

A new poll found that more than 50% of those surveyed are “angry” about the changes they’ve made to their daily lives nearly a year and a half after the World Health Organization first declared coronavirus a global pandemic.

From wearing masks, social distancing, being apart from relatives and hobbies, citizens of the world have altered the way we’ve interacted and go about our daily lives.

The survey, conducted by Monmouth University, found that more than 60% of surveyed adults feel worn out by the pandemic-related changes –– 36% saying they feel this way “a lot” while 24% said they feel worn out “a little.”

Some survey participants –– 39% to be exact –– say they don’t feel worn out by the changes at all, The Hill reported. The poll surveyed 808 adults across the country between December 2 and December 6.

The new poll data comes as the US continues into a 22nd month living with Covid-19, following the WHO’s March 2020 announcement.

In that time, we’ve dealt with economic fallout, natural disasters, virtual learning and work, and overall unprecedented times.

With a potential winter surge of new cases looming, it doesn’t seem like any of the changes we’ve made will be over anytime soon.

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