Mobile Dental Clinic Returns at Roseland Community Hospital

Roseland Community Hospital is celebrating National Children’s Dental Month with the return of the Mobile Dental Clinic to provide dental hygiene services directly to children through daycare and school visits. During the pandemic, the Mobile Dental Clinic was used for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. February is National Children’s Dental Month. This year’s theme is “Sealants Make Sense.” The mission is to promote and practice good oral hygiene.

For over four years, the Mobile Dental Clinic has been servicing the residents of Roseland and surrounding neighborhoods. To date, Roseland Community Hospital has seen an estimated 10,000 children providing preventative services to daycare, elementary and middle school.

The Dental Van team will return to the schools and daycares for six-month checkups and refer children who have decay to local dentists and/or dental schools for follow-up care.

The Mobile Dental Clinic provides dental exams with state-approved forms with charting, dental cleaning, dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and a dental “goodie” bag consisting of an age-appropriate toothbrush, paste, and floss pics. Students also receive a tour of the Mobile Dental Clinic.

“This is an initiative that is not only convenient for families but also a necessity in our communities,” said Tim Egan,” President and CEO of the Roseland Community Hospital. “With this program, we hope to break down barriers of access to dental services for children across the Greater Roseland community, providing them a positive and safe experience for their overall wellness.”

For more information on the full-service dental plan, call (773) 995-3444 or email at


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Tammy Gibson is an author and black history traveler. Find her on social media @sankofatravelher.

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