MLK Series: What Social Justice Looks Like Now with Rev. Dr. Michael L. Pfleger

In his own words, Rev. Michael L. Pfleger, Sr. Pastor of the Faith Community of St. Sabina says, “St. Sabina is, I believe, more than a congregation, but a teaching ground where countless people from around the world pass through our doors and take something with them. It is a ground where denominational walls have been dismantled and racial barriers removed. It is a ground where the Spirit of the Lord has brought freedom and where young and old, wealthy, and poor have been welcomed.

In 1981, at the age of thirty-one, he became the youngest full pastor in the diocese when he was appointed Pastor of Saint Sabina Church. For over 40 years, Fr. Pfleger has ministered and been an advocate for the poor, disenfranchised, and discriminated against.

Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr., Fr. Pfleger has modeled his ministry after Dr. King, believing church truly exists outside of Sunday Service and the walls of a building. He continues to fight against, racism, inequality, gun violence, and injustice. Week after week he inspires the members of St. Sabina Church and the Auburn Gresham community to continue the legacy of Dr. King through service, action, and activism.

Fr. Pfleger was a friend to the King family and the keynote speaker for the family’s Commemorative MLK Service in 2003 and 2017. In addition, he was asked to eulogize Coretta Scott King in 2006. Today, Fr. Pfleger speaks with the Chicago Defender about Dr. King’s legacy and what it means in 2022.

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