Mississippi judge slaps black man, calls him N-word

Justice is not blind in America, and a judge in Mississippi crystalizes this point painfully.
Judge Bill Weisenberger allegedly slapped a mentally-challenged black man and hurled racial epithets at him at a Mississippi flea market, the media reports.
The victim, Eric Rivers, 20, was busying himself assisting vendors and customers loading and unloading items. According to passersby, Rivers asked Weisenberger if he required assistance, the only provocation the judge needed to slap the man in the face twice.
Weisenberger had to know the man was challenged, because he hit the man twice. An ordinary man might have not only defended himself, he might have inflicted damage on the judge. As Rivers ran away in fear, witnesses told police that Weisenberger fired off the racist words, “Run, n—–, run” the Clarion Ledger reported.
Rivers’ promptly filed charges against Weisenberger to the local police and civic leaders are calling for the judge remove himself from the bench until an investigation is complete.
Weisenberger remains defiant, however, even as the case goes before a grand jury.

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