Michigan's Mighty 14 gears up for political battle

mighty_14_2.jpg Politically active Detroiters and other metro area residents convened on Saturday, March 9 at Detroit’s Northwest Activity Center for the general membership meeting of 14th congressional district democrats also knows as the Mighty 14. Residents from the Grosse Pointes to Pontiac – and most points in between-met to discuss a number of hotbed issues ranging from financial takeovers to potholes in city streets.

“A number of you may have driven here as did I,” so you know that the issue of potholes is a serious one.” said U.S. Rep. Gary Peters , D-Bloomfield Township, who will make a run in 2014 for retiring U.S. Sen. Carl Levin’s seat.

Peters addressed a much broader range of critical issues facing residents of the  14th congressional district, offering  harsh criticisms regarding trade deficits with Japanese auto makers and strong support for President Obama’s call for new investments in clean energy research and development.

“I’m very encouraged to hear President Obama calling for $2 billion in new clean energy research and development,” said Peters, who is also co-Chair of the bipartisan House Auto Caucus. “By making investments in 21st century clean auto technologies, we’ll help break our dependence on foreign fossil fuels and create thousands of good paying, middle-class American jobs. On Friday, March 15, Peters  introduced the Advanced Vehicle Technology Act to help drive the administration job creation initiative.

Peters added that he opposed the installation of an emergency manager for the city of Detroit, stating that he and veteran politician Congressman John Conyers were exploring the constitutionality of the issue.

A contingency of political notables spoke to the crowd of more than 300 to emphasize the importance of regaining control of the Michigan House of Representatives and avoid voter apathy.

Alberta Tinsley-Talabi, D- Michigan House of Representatives, spoke passionately about the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, which allows global corporations and state politicians to vote behind closed doors and rewrite state laws governing citizens’ rights. Tinsley-Talabi, denounced ALEC calling it a “keystone pipeline that does environmental damage, without creating a single job.”

Gubernatorial contender state representative Vicki Barnett, also railed against ALEC resolutions coming out of the GOP House, and emphasized her support for worker and consumer safety.

Barnett closed with this ominous warning, “If Governor Rick Snyder says it’s not his agenda, it is actually code that he is going to sign that bill,” adding that women’s agenda issues like mandatory vaginal ultra sounds should be paid for by the state if they are going to be required by law. 

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