Michael Brown Robbed Convenient Store Before Being Shot Dead, Police Chief Says

thomas jackson
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson

FERGUSON, Mo. — Police Chief Tom Jackson inferred strongly that teenager Michael Brown had robbed a convenient store near the place where he was stopped by, and then shot and killed by, a Ferguson police officer.
Without actually naming Brown as the perpetrator of the act of stealing cigars at a store, Jackson said the Ferguson Police Department received a 911 call about a “strong-armed robbery” in the moment just before Brown was approached by an officer and ordered off the street.
Jackson handed out packets to the media, replete with surveillance camera photos that seem to show Brown in an aggressive stance with a convenient store clerk. The suspect in the “strong-armed robbery” appears to be tall and wearing a red baseball cap, white T-shirt and khaki shorts.
Brown was wearing a white T-shirt and khaki shorts with a red baseball cap in proximity to his body when he was lying on the ground, dead from multiple bullet wounds from police officer Darren Wilson’s handgun.
Residents are very skeptical and distrustful of the information delivered to the media by Jackson. One unidentified black woman openly wondered, according to interviews conducted by CNN, why it took the police chief an entire week to tell the public that Brown was a prime suspect in a violent robbery in the moments before he was shot and killed in the St. Louis suburb.

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