Meet the cast of ‘Selling It: In the ATL’ on WE tv

The newest WE tv reality show, “Selling It: In The ATL” follows seven diverse female professionals who are changing the face of Atlanta real estate.  In an industry once dominated by men, these women use their business acumen and large-than-life personalities to close major deals amidst the booming Atlanta housing economy.
It’s a seller’s market in the growing city and there’s not enough inventory for the influx of buyers and investors looking to call Atlanta home.  Every property has a story and as the new, gentrified Atlanta moves in, embracing a progressive culture that encourages residents to “live, work and play,” the old South fights to stay alive and relevant.
Let’s meet the women starring in “Selling It: In the ATL,” debuting Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. ET

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