Meet Ross Mac: The Man, The Father, The Wealth Builder

For Father’s Day weekend, the Chicago Defender highlights distinguished Black men from our city who are outstanding dads.

Ross Mac is the epitome of homegrown. This South Shore native is a Chicago Public School-raised, Harold’s chicken-loving, Ivy-league graduate dedicated to increasing access to financial education and literacy. 

The former Wall Street professional now serves as a media personality for Netflix, BET and Revolt, using his brand to empower people by merging education with entertainment. Above all, this millennial family man is committed to building a lasting legacy of black love, power and economics with his wife, beauty industry powerhouse Resa Luster-Mac, and their children at the center.

Fatherhood is the one thing that serves as my constant fire. Fatherhood gave me a true sense of purpose. 

Mac embodies the persona of greatness. However, I can’t help but remember when many CPS high school students were introduced to him through his ever-popular high school parties with 

“The Bros.” That was an era. You had to be there. 

He still holds true to his Chicago upbringing and the memories it conjures, like his first job at The Taste of Chicago, attending Whitney Young high school and more. 

Ross, the Wealth Builder

In a capitalist society, those without capital will truly have no power. Until we start the conversation on how to not only attain wealth but keep wealth in our communities, nothing will change. In our communities, change is hard because a lot of people are afraid to step out of their comfort zones by labeling it as the norm. I often say in order to attain generational wealth, we must heal from generational trauma. Systemic traumas are passed down. This is why people get comfortable with having bad credit, dodging bill collectors and more. They’ve seen it their entire lives. I’m on a mission to change that, says Mac. 

Mac attributes his passion for economics to his love for math. At an early age, he identified his niche for numbers. Because of this love, Mac developed a longing for entrepreneurial endeavors by selling candy in third grade, creating his clothing line and throwing parties in high school. He also cut hair in college.

So when it came to a passion, he says it had to be centered around business, stating, “I will attribute my time on Wall Street to unlocking the mastery of how to truly build wealth as a person of color. I genuinely believe that the greatest teacher is exposure. You have to see what you want to be and how to attain what you’re looking to build.” 

As if Mac is not busy enough traveling in and out of cities, he has decided to build wealth and knowledge at home. On July 9, the “Maconomics Wealth Summit” will be live in Chicago to educate and entertain those looking to increase their bag. 

“I wanted to curate something that would touch the community and put them on a path to building wealth in my hometown. I’m bringing athletes and people I look up to into this transformative conversation,” he said

Audience members can expect this summit to provide information on investments, life insurance, real estate experts and more. 

You are guaranteed to leave with life-changing information to put you on a path to success.

Ross, the Father and Legacy Builder

If you follow Mac on social media, you know his children are his world. You can find him creating videos with them on their many car rides on Instagram. 

Fatherhood is the one thing that serves as my constant fire. Fatherhood gave me a true sense of purpose. I have come to realize that everything I do, they innately pick it up. So it causes me to often ask myself, how can I live better? How can I walk in my purpose and ensure that they are better because of it? When I got into fatherhood, it was important to me to focus on one thing, and that is providing my children with the opportunities I didn’t have. But more importantly, teaching them all the things I didn’t know. My genuine desire for my children is that I put them in a position to change the world and make a bigger impact in ways that I never could. I will never stifle my children’s imagination and their ability to dream, but, most importantly, do! 

The Mac children are blessed to be raised by two power players in the city of Chicago. However, modeling success, love, and partnership is important to Ross and his wife, Resa. 

I look at my marriage as a partnership. My wife and I are teammates and business partners. We have a partnership when it comes to raising our children. I approach it from this lens in order to build a good business, have a great foundation, and have a good team. You have to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses because we are competing for the same goal. This is what makes us a dynamic duo. We serve as a balance for one another. Resa and I have a common goal, and that is that our kids have a better life than we did and provide them with every opportunity to be successful in life. 

We love a Chicagoan that catalyzes change while leaving a lasting legacy. 

To follow Ross Mac and find out more information on The Wealth Summit, click here


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