Meet Lorell E. Lynch: A 2024 Women of Excellence Honoree

Lorell E. Lynch, a communications professional known for her commitment to community impact, has been named a 2024 Women of Excellence honoree.

Lynch serves as the Director of Public Affairs, Community Outreach, and Events at Allwyn North America (formerly Camelot Illinois), where she collaborates with community partners to bring about meaningful change.

At the core of Lynch’s advocacy is a commitment to supporting Black media and businesses that actively contribute to community uplift. She has been instrumental in fostering partnerships with organizations like the Illinois Alliance Boys and Girls Clubs, working tirelessly to support children in the community through various educational initiatives.

Lynch’s dedication has not gone unnoticed. Her efforts were recently recognized with the Publicity Club of Chicago’s Community Relations Award for the Illinois Lottery’s Pink Pop-up event. This event significantly raised awareness for women to prioritize mammograms, showcasing Lynch’s commitment to impactful community engagement.

Upon learning of her nomination as a Women of Excellence honoree, Lynch expressed gratitude and honor, stating, “Being named a Women of Excellence honoree acknowledges contributions made by women in various fields. It signifies that the honoree has demonstrated leadership and impact within their community or profession.”

A guiding principle pivotal to Lynch’s success is her unwavering belief in continuous learning and growth. She underscores the importance of seeking out new opportunities, learning from successes and failures, and evolving personally and professionally.

“By prioritizing learning and growth, I can confidently navigate complex situations, innovate creatively, and stay motivated to pursue my goals with determination and perseverance,” she said.

Looking ahead, Lynch aims to achieve success while balancing personal fulfillment with professional accomplishments. She emphasizes the importance of making a meaningful difference in the lives of others and leaving a positive impact on the world.

“For me, it involves continuing to excel in my field, striving for greatness while actively seeking opportunities to positively influence the lives of those around me, including friends, family, and colleagues,” said Lynch.  

Her recognition as a Women of Excellence honoree is a testament to her dedication, leadership and commitment to community impact.


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