Meet LAHHATL’s Nikko’s Wife Margo (Photos)

Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust.

During the latest, and most explosive, episode of this season’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Mimi Faust got wind that her boyfriend Nikko Smith was indeed married — and torpedoed over to his house to confront him and talk to him with spitting range.
After a pregnant pause, as resignation washed over his face, Nikko admitted that he was still married, although he was separated from his wife of almost 10 years, Margo, who lives in Canada.
This turned out to be the last straw in the turbulent relationship between Faust and Smith and she dropped him like he was a poisonous snake. Now that Faust can no longer trust Smth, she is now more receptive to what her friends had been trying to shove in her head: that Smith indeed purposely leaked their sex tape in order to make a quick million off of her.
It has been strongly insinuated that that the wife is in on Nikko’s scheme to get money out of Mimi. I mean, how else could you explain why she hasn’t come forward after 2 seasons and a sex tape?
So what’s the scoop on Nikko’s longtime wife, Margo?
She is a Canadian citizen. She and Nikko were longtime lovers who got married in Canada. Wanting US Citizenship may have played a part in their marriage but unfortunately for Margo, it didn’t work out that way. When Nikko realized that he could be on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta by dating Mimi, he ditched Margo in Canada and moved to Atlanta. That would explain why Nikko has a roommate.
But I digress.
Check out some of the latest photos of this mysterious wife of Nikko Smith, Margo.
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