Meet Halleemah Nash Championing and Creating Advancements for Gen Z

Halleemah Nash is THAT girl. The girl you want in the boardroom conversations for validation and reassurance, the girl you want in the classroom to advocate for both the parent and child, the girl you want in Compton, Crenshaw and Chicago pushing the boundaries of injustice, diversity and equitable workflow in communities of color. Nash, is a woman of many gifts; however, her latest endeavor as founder of Rosecrans Ventures shows us why she’s leaving a lasting legacy for the generations that follow.

Chicago Defender: Halleemah, you’re the queen of commas; multi-faceted in every way. Why was there a need for you to fill the void and take on the difficult task of being a resource for Gen Z through Rosecrans Ventures?

Halleemah Nash: Entrepreneurship is about solving problems in the market, and I saw the disconnect in the workforce across differences, specifically generationally and thought I would meet that need with a solution anchored in the culture and the future of work. It’s essentially workforce development with sauce.  And we are seeing traction for how we are meeting this need in the market with a wide range of clients that include Rutgers University, McDonald’s, PUMA, Savage x Fenty, Publicis Groupe, City Year, and HBCU in LA.

Chicago Defender: How does innovation and relatability shape how you lead?

Hallemah Nash: Innovation and connection through culture and inclusion really is how I differentiate my business model. My competitive advantage as a coach and workshop facilitator is connecting cultural identity to workforce development so underrepresented populations can see versions of success that look like them and managers are equipped to create safe spaces to retain this population of talent. I believe this is a relevant, and more culturally in tune way of innovating for the future where everyone feels seen.

Chicago Defender:  What are three important high level benefits employers should know when they are looking to add a Gen Z’er to their current flow?

Halleemah Nash: They are naturally entrepreneurial which means they can go beast mode on independent projects but this also means that micromanagement is a no no.  To get the best out of them, be clear on expectations, and give them room to be creative.

This generation is really interested in professional development so as you delegate projects, introduce opportunities for them to learn, get licensed, take a course, or shadow a leadership meeting, and invest in their learning.

Engaging technology is a natural way of life for them, so instead of sticking to archaic processes, allow them to assess and make recommendations on what might be more efficient with the use of apps and social media.

Chicago Defender: What is cultural authenticity and can it be developed in their current work style environment?

Halleemah Nash: Cultural authenticity is showing up confidently in your full identity. Pull up with your locks, early and prepared. Crush your presentation with your visible tattoos. Show your brilliance with your accent showing your ability to transition between languages. Make sure that people pronounce your name correctly and don’t shorten it or create nickname for others’ comfort. Be able to communicate how your cultural identity levels up the workforce and adds value. If you conform to white dominant culture in workspaces, how will they ever evolve to embrace difference?

 Chicago Defender: Shifting gears, whether you’re enjoying a backyard barbeque in Compton or dancing on the streets of Cuba you make it a point to celebrate your accomplishments and take in life’s moments. What advice can you give our audience on making time for self-care? 

 Halleemah Nash: We have this one life and we are responsible for honoring it. Life cannot be all deliverables, and networking, and building a career. Investing in your fun, peace, joy, and moments of stillness is an imperative! If you are reading this and can take a breath, you have time. Take the walk, go on the date, do the meditation, eat the taco, drink the wine, go on the vacation, shoot the shot, buy the shoe, do the thing. Choose moments that are life giving and live fully into them!

Chicago Defender: Halleemah, lastly what has your journey taught you that you can gift through one sentence to the next generation of leaders?

Halleemah Nash: Operating in your purpose is the ultimate g move, so live fully into the person God created you to be.

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