Meet Chicago’s Cannabis Realtor: Holly Dupart

With the backdrop of Saturday’s upcoming Silver Room Block Party, Holly DuPart, owner/operator ofSpark Clubs,will present Chicagoans with a fresh, new perspective on cannabis and how it can be applied for more than just recreation.

DuPart will showcase her brand, Spark Clubs, which offers interested parties private, customizable cannabis-friendly rental spaces called “Canna Rentals” in Chicago’s South Shore, Hyde Park and Wicker Park neighborhoods, as well as in Evanston and  Chicago’s south suburbs. Canna Rentals can typically accommodate ten to 14 people and are smoke friendly.

Additionally, she will share products, cannabis processing classes, and more. Following the daytime event Spark Clubs will host an exclusive VIP soiree.

DuPart said she began educating herself on cannabis as a viable alternative to conventional medicine when she began her battle with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Through her self-education she was able to debunk a number of stereotypes and negative stigmas attached to cannabis. Eventually, by creating her own cannabis-based products by hand, DuPart realized there existed a viable market for health-conscious cannabis products for not just herself but others, too.

“There’s a huge lack of information and products and services for people who would like to live a healthier life, and would like to put, CBD or THC into their life, there are really a lot of bridges to cross,” DuPart said.

Beginning roughly 18 months ago, Spark Clubs combines DuPart’s expertise as a licensed real estate broker, knowledge of vacation rental property, and the cannabis industry. The life-long Illinoian stressed Spark Clubs is geared toward individuals seeking a “healthy cannabis lifestyle.”

“I realized that people who self-medicate, especially when they’re traveling and have special events can’t do so in a hotel. Well, I offer a place where you can do that without any sort of stigma without getting in trouble.”

From the business perspective, DuPart is keenly aware that the representation of black people, particularly black women, is lacking within the cannabis industry. She shared an anecdote  that during her research of the cannabis industry, she along with a friend and another black person were the only black faces out of an estimated 600 at a Colorado cannabis event. Of those in attendance, none of the participants resembled the classic “stoner” stereotype, she said.

“This is a business,” DuPart said.

With marijuana legalizationpassing in June in Illinois, DuPart urges everyone to read the lawfor themselves and explore the possibilities of finding non-dispensary options for paths to income. “If you try not to go up against the big guys and create a niche for yourself, I think it really can give a lot of opportunity,” DuPart said. “One thing I’m gonna say is that people forget the ancillary businesses that support this industry.”

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