Meet Aris Singleton: A 2024 Women of Excellence Honoree

If you’ve shopped for haircare products at Target, Walmart or Ulta Beauty, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered Thank God Its Natural (tgin), the line by visionary CEO Aris Singleton.

Singleton is a 2024 Women of Excellence honoree because of the success of these all-natural hair, skin, and scalp care products and her contributions to the Chicagoland community. 

“Once I learned that I was an honoree, I felt honored and proud to be recognized for my contribution in business and the community by this iconic publishing organization,” Singleton told The Chicago Defender. “This acknowledgment means so much to me.”

Singleton’s journey to success began with her deep involvement in tgin since its inception in July 2009. Armed with a BA in Finance from Texas Southern University, she worked closely with her aunt and late tgin Founder, Chris-Tia Donaldson. Singleton learned the intricacies of business operations and strategy. 

Under Singleton’s leadership, tgin has evolved from a small enterprise to a globally recognized brand, with products available at the major retailers mentioned above and online platforms.

Her dedication and innovative approach have not gone unnoticed. Singleton recently graced the cover of Jet Magazine Collector’s Edition, marking her as the youngest CEO of a textured haircare brand. This milestone reflects her relentless pursuit of excellence and her commitment to uplifting women in the beauty industry.

“Those principles that have contributed to my success are having a clear vision, persistence, which is needed to face challenges, continuous learning, and being open to new ideas and integrity,” said Singleton, who also mentions her focus on work-life balance as another key contributor.

Beyond her professional achievements, she is deeply passionate about giving back. 

Through the tgin Foundation, she continues Chris-Tia Donaldson’s mission and legacy by supporting women undergoing breast cancer treatment and addressing health disparities. Her involvement in organizations like the Young Presidents Organization Chicago Chapter and her being featured in publications like EBONY and Walmart’s SheEO series illustrate her commitment to driving positive change.

As for her future goals, Singleton said she wants to continue empowering women, giving back to the community and building on her aunt’s legacy to inspire future generations.

“It is very important to pay it forward because it creates a cycle of empowerment and encouragement. When younger women receive support, they are more likely to pay it forward in the future,” said Singleton. “I make it my goal to provide mentorship and guidance by sharing my experiences, offering advice and serving as a role model.”

Aris Singleton’s journey embodies resilience, determination and an uncommon commitment to making a meaningful impact. These reasons and more make her a deserving recipient of the 2024 Women of Excellence award.


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