Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson Responds to Violent Day in Chicago

Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson responds to the violence in Chicago

Yesterday–June 26, 2018–was ranked as the most violent day in Chicago this year with 22 people killed and wounded within 24 hours.
Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson issued the following statement regarding the violence:
Yesterday’s careless string of gun violence inflicted upon our city is heartbreaking. It’s unthinkable. It’s unacceptable. And I cannot stand by in silence. Dr. Martin Luther King once stated that ‘For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good men to do nothing.’
Twenty two (22) people – children, teens and adults – were killed and wounded over a 24 hour period. Many of the shootings involved innocent bystanders and (what appears to be) random targets. This is a stain on our great communities and a major issue in our city.
At the root of the problem is economics. Plain and simple. It is a matter of a lack of something. One of the biggest lacks are a lack of jobs, lack of economic possibilities, lack of adequate resources, a lack of hope.
During this short period of my mayoral campaign run for 2019, I have heard personal heartfelt stories from our youth and young adults – white, black, red and brown – who are often the perpetrators of this violence. They have openly shared with me their struggles, their troubles. I recall a 13-year old boy, in particular, who explained the reason for his life of crime. Because he has no father in the home, a mother down on her luck and a sister who’s hungry. He, himself, also hungry and lost. Unfortunately, this desperate struggle is real for many of our residents.
The answer is jobs, economic opportunity and economic empowerment that will give hope and bring light to the lives of people who feel they’re left in the dark. We have the job opportunities available now. We have resources available right now.
In response, I am calling A Citywide Day of Immediate Prayer & Action with nearly 50 ministers and pastors who have already agreed to participate, community activists, families and countless members of the community, at large. We are at critical mass. This is an emergency.
And I will not rest until we turn this around. I am already responding to the needs of the people. And I am responding now.

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