Mayor Kasim Reed disagrees with Gov. Deal over Syrian refugee dilemma

Mayor Kasim Reed declared his support for the importation of sincere Syrian refugees who are legitimately escaping violence and terror in their homeland, just one day after Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said he would refuse to accept any refugees.
Reed and Deal, who are much more friendly bipartisan terms than previous administrations, nevertheless see the Syrian dilemma from who different angles.
Deal vehemently opposes President Obama’s proposed initiative to settle about 10,000 citizens of Syria in the United States, including Georgia. More than half of the nation’s governors share Deal’s sentiments and he even drafted a letter to Obama outlining his opposition
Reed says he would not support Deal’s refusal to accept Syrian refugees.
“I do believe that you have to acknowledge genuine fear and concern from the public. I don’t believe that means you completely close all borders,” Reed told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I do believe it calls for extra diligence and for a review of procedures as it relates to Syrians entering Atlanta and Georgia.”
Reed hastened to add that the nation does need to review its vetting process in light of reports that one of the terrorists entered Paris under false pretense, hidden among the throngs of legitimate Syrian refugees.
Additionally, unlike leading Republican presidential candidate and carnival barker Donald Trump, who has suggested the nation consider shuttering mosques in America, Reed refuses to cast aspersion at an entire religion. In fact, he did just the opposite.
“My message is really simple: Atlanta has been and will be a welcoming city. It is an essential part of our DNA,” Reed said, according to 13WMAZ. “And I do not tie events to a faith. I tie events to horrible people who are soulless and engaging in awful acts.”
Reed pledged the city will redouble efforts at major events and at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest in the world. These efforts may test the patience of event attendees and frequent fliers, however, most particularly during the holiday travel season.

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