Mayor Brandon Johnson Appoints New City Comptroller

Mayor Brandon Johnson has appointed Chasse Rehwinkel as the comptroller of the City of Chicago.

In this role, the comptroller is responsible for managing the collection or distribution of City revenues, as well as overseeing the safekeeping of all funds under the custody of the city treasurer.

“I’m proud to welcome Chasse Rehwinkel as comptroller, and I am confident that he will provide effective, transparent leadership and responsible management of City revenues,” said Mayor Brandon Johnson. “His extensive experience in government finance will help create a stronger economic future for all Chicagoans and communities.”

“I’m honored to step into this role and be a part of an administration that seeks to invest in people, and effectively distribute City resources to deliver for all its residents,” said Chasse Rehwinkel.

Before this role, Rehwinkel was the Director of Banking at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Additionally, he has an extensive background serving as the Chief Economist and Director of the Bond Division of the Illinois Office of Comptroller. In these roles, he focused on matters pertaining to state liquidity, public budgeting, debt issuance and facilitating access to capital.

Rehwinkel has provided valuable guidance to the comptroller as an advisor on various fiscal matters such as interfund borrowing, short-term lending and bond issuance. In addition, he has actively served as a counselor to the comptroller on several boards and commissions, including the Illinois State Board of Investment, State Employees’ Retirement System and Illinois Secure Choice.

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