Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Almost Filed for Divorce (Watch)


Tina Campbell wasn’t having that!
She was ready to divorce her husband, Teddy Campbell, over not only cheating once, but on multiple occasions with different women.
Her sister, Erica Campbell, went through a similar situation, but overcame her husband’s infidelities.
On the next episode of “Mary Mary,” the gospel singer questioned her marriage.
“I thought we had a good life just like everybody else watching. I thought we was the ideal relationship just like everybody else,” she said.
She continued with how angry she was about it.
“You stole my life away from me. I’m angry. Why you gotta do me like this?! I was good to you, man!” Tina shouted.
She concluded with being ready for a divorce.
“I don’t want him. He don’t deserve me. I don’t want him.”
After she found out about the cheating, she thought they were going to heal from it.
“I had hope when all of this started, when I let the whole world know about it. I thought we was healing because he had me thinking that we was healing.”
But her husband chose to tell her little by little about his affairs.
“You can’t keep telling me stuff,” Tina hollered. “You wait two months, then you tell me something else. You wait two weeks, then you tell me something else.
You’re torturing, man! You’re torturing me. Why are you putting me through all of this? Break my heart once! You’re gonna break my heart every month?!”
Tina said, “That’s too much for anybody, Erica! That’s too much.”
Erica tried to help her sister through it, as she had been through it herself.
Find out what happens on the next episode airing Thursday night at 9 p.m. EDT.
Click here to watch the clip from the show.

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