Martell Honors Chicago Artist and Entrepreneur

Rob Hill Sr., left, Olusola “Shala” Akintunde, right. Akintunde Martell is recognized and honored by Martell Iconic Blue Prints as an emerging icon in the African American community.

CHICAGO–Motivational speaker and philanthropist Rob Hill Sr., or the ‘Heart Healer, as referred to by many, moderated an event at The Shrine, which recognized a local Chicago artist.
Martell Iconic Blue Prints honored Olusola “Shala” Akintunde as an emerging icon in the African American community on Nov. 11. His leadership and achievement is what made him stand out. The Martell Iconic Blueprints Experience is a networking experience that recognizes local emerging icons who “embody the spirit of Martell.” Those icons use their own stories to create conversation and motivate others. Besides Chicago, Hill traveled to three other cities and recognized local icons in Atlanta, St. Louis and Detroit.
Chicagoan Akintunde is a multimedia artist who is known for creating the character, Seven Spoon. He is also the founding member of the hip hop band Qualo and the founder of The Movement Worldwide, Inc., a boutique art-based media company that produces music and designer artisan goods. He participated in an Q&A with the audience, who was able to sample free drinks, provided by Martell.
“Shala was chosen as a Chicago icon because he embodies the vision of the Martell brand,” Martell Spokesman Corey Manuel said. “He is not only a leader in his community and profession, but he continues to defy and exceed expectations while inspiring others to achieve greatness.”
The artist and entrepreneur was raised on the North Side of Chicago and he shared with the audience that he discovered himself during his musical journey. He started off as a rapper and musician, but soon realized that he could start his own company. The Movement Worldwide signed local artists.
“The easiest thing to do is be yourself right? But the hardest thing is to be yourself and I learned that along the way,” Akintunde said.
He said that to him, Martell defines emerging icons as those who are afraid, but they don’t let fear hold them back. They also push others to do great things, he added.
Akintunde’s advice to emerging artists is simple: “Surround yourself with those who will support you during the dark times.”

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