‘Married to Medicine’ Stars’ Violent Fight During Filming

married to medicine
Quad Webb-Lunceford, left, and Lisa Nicole Cloud in better times.

A potential business partnership between two “Married to Medicine” reality stars quickly degenerated into a bloody confrontation that required a hospital visit, the media is reporting.

Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud were about to enter into a mutually-beneficial collaboration. However, both parties had conducted background checks on the other and, when Webb-Lunceford and Cloud confronted each other about their findings, a face-scratching, fist-flying melee ensued.

The two M2M stars were hashing out their disagreements when the verbal altercation escalated to a water-glass throwing, reports TMZ. No word who initiated the violence.

However, the report is that punches were thrown and that Cloud managed to scratch Webb-Lunceford in the face. Webb-Lunceford had some facial injuries and went to the hospital to have her faced examined.

Both women filed police reports on the other.

No word on the results of the ongoing investigations.

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