Mark, Ashley Tutson and Karlton Humes Team Up for Chicago Comedy Special

Chicago natives Mark and Ashley Tutson are a talented husband and wife duo, bringing their first opportunity home to the city. The Tutsons are the innovative minds behind their Atlanta-based creative firm, the 1357 Agency. 

On Saturday, Oct. 14, Comedian Karlton Humes, known for his hilarious and accurate church parodies, is teaming up with 1357 Agency to present Humes’ first-ever live comedy special titled Church Anniversary,” which will be taped in front of a live audience hosted in Chicago. 

Chicago Defender: How did the partnership come into being between 1357 Agency and Social Media Comedian Karlton Humes to produce this live special? 

1357 Agency: Our goal was to find a comedian with whom we could build a longstanding partnership, similar to what Kevin Hart and Jeff Clanagan did with Heartbeat productions. We are both fans of Karlton’s famous parodies and knew he would be the perfect person to begin this partnership with.

Chicago Defender: Humes has accumulated a large following all over the world. Beyond being Chicagoans, what drove the decision to tape the live comedy special in Chicago? 

1357 Agency: When we decided that the theme of the special would be “Church Anniversary,” we knew Chicago was the place! Chicago has been the mecca of gospel music and home to some of the most legendary Pastors like Rev. Clay Evans, Apostle R.D. Henton and Rev. James Meeks. In addition, Chicago has been at the forefront of gospel music since its inception. And it didn’t hurt that we’re both Chicago natives and wanted to bring our agency’s first production back home.

Chicago Defender: What can fans expect to experience at Humes’ live comedy special?

1357 Agency: Fans can expect to relive the nostalgic feeling of the African American church service from the 80s and 90s. They will shout, sing and laugh, and much like Karlton’s parodies, there will be a modern spin to what the traditional church has been.

Chicago Defender: What’s next for 1357 Agency? Can we expect more faith-based comedy specials?

1357 Agency: You can expect to see more multiplatform content, and we are looking to grow and build more into the faith-based content space. We’re currently in the midst of our next big project, which will launch in early 2024. 

Chicago Defender: Lastly, what does this project mean to you and represent for your brand?

1357 Agency: This project is not only a representation of a labor of love for us as husband and wife, but it was the catalyst to launch us as one of entertainment’s newest power couples on the rise. 

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