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Makeup Transformation Memes Are The Funniest Part Of The Internet Right Now! [PHOTOS]

Social media has been set ablaze with a new trend that I am living for–parody makeup transformations.
The new trend is a play on the makeup magic some savvy chicks are using to “transform” into celebrities.  One woman impressively revamped her face into Jay Z’s distinctive mug with contouring and another  turned into Chris Brown with the tools of her makeup bag. Then there’s famous YouTube vlogger, Michelle Phan who has caught attention with her “how the heck did you do that” makeovers that range from characters like Barbie to artists like Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Drake and more. But  leave it to clever members of social media to take this concept of these makeup transformations to the next level!
The side-splitting hilarious new memes show a collage of at least four photos, detailing the faux makeup moves needed to make to achieve the final look.
Check out the collection of memes below and get ready to laugh!

Want more of these hilarious memes? Check out #MakeupTransformations on Instagram!

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