Loveless Things

Loveless things
Often we see the value of our lives, by the possessions we have obtained. The love we share with one another is lost it seems, no longer one from the heart, but one of material things that have no soul.
This poem came to me, as I realized love for many, has been replaced by material things.
Loveless Things.
How could I love you less than this,
a thing of little value.
An object that cost too much, but loveless
just like me.
I’ve lost my soul at last to you, a memory not a face.
I’ve let the winds sweep my mind clear
all trace of you lost it seems.
And there between the webs of time the dusty
corners of my brain one wonders what lie hidden there,in rooms filled with tears.
I wander in search of what once was, but a whisper fills my ears.
I turn to catch one last word, but its gone just like you.
I stumble through the empty rooms, the smell it frightens me.
In each I smell what you wore, the memories still not there.
I wander down the darkest halls, the halls that leave me
What is it that my soul must feel, it shudders with each step.
I once blind to its voice listen now, when it’s too late, as my tears
stain the floor.
I watch them flow into the cracks of time, as darkness drinks them up.
And there between the broken floor, two eyes they peer at me.
I see the fool I once was, too blind to feel your love.
Too lost, in my selfish world of things, that couldn’t please.
I lost you to my ego, another toy you were.
And off you went to find someone, who’d understand your value.
I wander in and out of these rooms, in search of you my love.
But sadly all that’s left behind,
is the fool too blind to love.

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