Love Cork Screw Entrepreneur Expands with Launch of Lifestyle Brand “The Lampley”

2014 Chicago Defender Woman of Excellence honoree and entrepreneur, Chrishon Lampley is the founder of Love Cork Screw Wines and Negociant (wine merchant/retailer). Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand launched in December 2013 in Chicago. Lampley expanded the brand by touching all senses and adding five wine-scented candles to the portfolio in 2014. Transforming the industry as the first black woman-owned wine to launch whimsical labels, Lampley has grown to become a force whose ambition will leave a lasting imprint for years to come.

The Lampley Chrishon Lampley Chicago Defender

Chrishon Lampley expanded her brand this year with the launch of “The Lampley.” The Lampley is a team of artists with a passion for Home D├ęcor. Working with local artists, they provide unique and one-of-a-kind items for the home. Items include handcrafted soy candles, handmade pillows from African cloth, table linen, Kente placemats, and more.

Chicago Defender: You created a successful brand with “Love Cork Screw.” What inspired you to expand with the launch of The Lampley?

Chrishon Lampley: I wanted an extension of “Love Cork Screw” that spoke towards my heritage and lineage. I built “Love Cork Screw” for the consumer. The Lampley was formed from the opposite. It speaks to my family and the things I enjoy. Things that set a pleasant tone and grab all five senses. I also wanted to have a reserve line including home goods and eventually a wine within that brand. The Lampley honors my parents and my family heritage.

Chicago Defender: You touched on it slightly, but can you tell me what’s included under the Lampley umbrella?

Chrishon Lampley: The Lampley will focus on home goods and body care. This includes candles, diffusers, and room sprays. They create such a beautiful scent within your home. We have unique botanical soaps and body sprays on the body care side. The Lampley will carry decorative items for the home, such as our amazing Kente cloth, handcrafted pillows, and placemats. One of my favorites is the “Woodcraft Designs.” One of my sorority sisters out of Florida handcrafts all the wooden coasters.

We designed these to fit perfectly in your home. We also carry unique statement pieces that you can’t get anywhere else. I wanted everything to be special, and I think I did that with the Lampley brand.

The Lampley Chrishon Lampley Chicago Defender

Chicago Defender: During your recent launch event in November, you mentioned that the products were designed and crafted by people of color.

Chrishon Lampley: Absolutely. All my products are made by people of color. I would say 90% are African American women. These are items made by us for everyone. I wanted to focus on small business purveyors that are amazing in their craft but may not have the platform like I do to get their work put out in front of the public. That has always been my focus. I’m also very picky. I’m a perfectionist, so I want all of my products to be the best. That’s why it’s been amazing to find so many incredible artisans that I can get exposure to and help fund their businesses by using them. I always look to support small purveyors as much as I possibly can.

Chicago Defender: As we quickly approach the holiday season, what would you suggest from the Lampley Brand as potential gifts?

Chrishon Lampley: The Lampley has fantastic gift sets on our website that range from $50 to $150. They encompass everything. I love our travel items. With people traveling again, it’s great to bring a touch of home wherever you go, and our travel sprays are perfect for that. Our top sellers remain the candles and botanical soaps. Those items keep selling out.

The Lampley Holiday gift sets are available on their website along with their other products. Visit for more details.

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