Lil Twist Allegedly Beats Up Kyle Massey’s Brother in Kyle’s Apartment

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Justin Bieber‘s best bud, Lil Twist is in trouble… again!

This time he allegedly assaulted Disney star Kyle Massey‘s older brother and Nickelodeon’s Chris Massey.

It all went down in Kyle’s apartment where Twist and a group of friends allegedly put a beating on Chris and humiliated him by pulling his pants down.

Chris received medical attention, but his family wants everyone to know that he is fine — after a filing a police report and releasing an official statement.

“We want everyone to know that Christopher is fine and he was defending himself after Twist and four unknown suspects broke into Kyle & Christopher’s penthouse and robbed and assaulted him,” the statement read.

It added, “Christopher is doing well and did get medical attention as reported, but has no physical concerns especially with the severity of the altercation. The police are still looking for the four accomplices. We plan to legally pursue this to the full extent of the law.”

It concluded with, “finally, we would like to thank the police who did an amazing job responding to the incident. Respectfully, the Massey family.”

As we said, Twist is best friend’s with Justin Bieber and he acts no better than the pop star. In the past year, Twist has been charged for speeding and then again with a DUI while driving Bieber’s cars. Back in August, he was charged with battery for abusing a woman in Bieber’s mansion


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